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Personal Training

Weather your goals are personal health, rehabilitative, athletic performance or any other, Our team at PRIME will ensure the most innovative and customized training programs to suit your bodys' specific needs.

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Our incredible team of Kinesiologists, alongside our Athletic Performance coach work closely together with our team of Physiotherapists to all help create the most in depth and functional training programs for your individual and specific needs.

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Corporate / Group Training

Corporate health and wellness programs Increase team moral, work productivity and functionality. The healthier your body, The healthier your mind!

athlete classes

Unlimited Access Memberships

Train how you want, when you want! Gain unlimited access to unlock your true physical potential. Live to Inspire; Prime Performance.

ladies classes

Women's Class memberships

Designed specifically for women, these classes are customized to all their physical fitness and health performance needs. Innovative and dynamic, these high energy classes bring a new definition to training. Utilizing diverse methods of body weight and resistance training, these classes are created to enhance muscle movement patterns to maximize results and amplify body sculpting.

mens classes

Mens Class memberships

These classes are designed specifically for men and are customized to all their physical fitness and health performance goals. Driven by camaraderie and intensity, this electrified training group brings a whole new meaning to training. Become part of this incredible movement; begin to inspire others by your actions.

coed classes

Co-ed Training

Designed uniquely for men and women, these classes are innovative and electric. Giving new meaning to full body workouts, these classes utilize body weight and resistance training combined with diverse plyometrics to create a workout for all. Experience a push unlike any other and achieve limits you've never reached before.

Private Training

Designed specifically for you, We customize all of our workouts based on your individual needs and aspirations to help you achieve each of your personal health and fitness goals. Unlock your potential.

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