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PRIME consists of a dynamic group of experienced health care professionals working together to create one of the most innovative and contemporary physiotherapy, rehabilitation and athletic performance facilities in Western Canada.

Our 4,100 sq ft facility was built with customized gym equipment, designed for enhancing human performance through rehabilitative, athletic, therapeutic and personal development purposes.

Education and understanding are paramount in the process of a patients progress and healing. Prime Physiotherapy provides a leading role in patient care and clinical practice, optimizing the most up to date information and rehabilitation options available for your injury. PRIME works collectively as a team of physiotherapists who are dedicated to working closely with other healthcare providers to ensure the most thorough and complete of patient care.

We are passionate about your health, wellness and complete physical performance. We strive to ensure the most proficient continuity of care and take great pride in all that we provide for our clients. From individualized rehabilitation programs, tailored to suit your specific needs to delivering state of the art treatment methods of practice to help you return to your daily and recreational activities quickly; Providing the most cutting-edge in rehabilitation and treatment modalities as well as athletic performance training equipment available.

Prime was designed for everyone, for all ages and for all needs involving rehabilitation, injury prevention, concussion management, therapeutic, and personal- physical development as well as athletic performance. We strive, We believe, We Inspire…


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