Advanced Rehabilitation

Collaborating Medical Doctors with our Physiotherapists;

Providing Advanced Care for Optimal, functional recovery.

PRIME is proud to announce the development of their Advanced Rehabilitation and Assessment Program; which is a collaborative assessment where the patient is seen by both, a Physician and Physiotherapist at the same time.

PRIME's PT/MD collaborative Assessments are comprised of both a Physiotherapist and a Medical Doctor who have a special interest in orthopedic and musculoskeletal injuries. Providing you, the patient, with in-depth and comprehensive assessments for patients who suffer from any muscle, tendon, bone or joint related injuries.

PRIME’s PT/MD collaborative team provides in-depth and comprehensive assessments for patients who suffer from any muscle, tendon, bone or joint related injuries. Our team will Help determine if you, the patient, require operative , non-operative or conservative forms of treatment or further referral to an orthopedic surgeon or other specialist.

After their comprehensive assessment, each patient will be provided with a copy of Their collaborative assessments' medical report (if requested) and can be sent to the referring Family Physician after their patients' comprehensive assessment has been completed.

Patients that require conservative treatment, will be referred by our PT/MD collaborative team to the appropriate therapist or practitioner best suited for each patient needs, providing optimal care for functional recovery and the best course of treatment to each patient.

Advantages Of PRIME's Advanced Assessment and Rehabilitation Program:

  • Multidisciplinary team approach.
  • Efficient and early consultation or treatment for patients.
  • Reduced risk for further damage and deterioration of each patient.
  • Faster patient assessments and diagnoses.
  • Assisted pain management during wait times for patients awaiting specialist consultation for surgeries and other muscular disorders.
  • Earlier intervention and treatment recommendations for both pre-and post-surgical patients.
  • Allows for specialists to make appropriate recommendations for both family physicians and their patient.
  • Enhanced Patient care.

Bookings do not require a referral from the Family Physician or Primary Care provider.

Patients can call and book their assessments, or can be referd from their family Physician

If you have any questions regarding our PT/MD advanced Assessment and Rehabilitation program or any other services provided, contact us at:
Fax 250.980.9333


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