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NEW Aquatic Rehabilitation Classes

Antonia has been working on developing individual hydrotherapy programs for the last 4 years and has recently started hydrotherapy classes.

These classes are composed of exercises to benefit those needing active rehabilitation for their hips and knees who are unsure of where to begin. Those who are looking to advance their overall fitness are also suitable for the classes, as they include a combination of cardiorespiratory, strength and flexibility.

The classes are 30 min each and are divided into two parts;

Part 1 which consists of introductory movements to help those start their active rehabilitation journey . The session would consist of gait training , proper movement education , balance work , flexibility of the lower extremities and basic strengthening exercises. We will be using the properties of the water as resistance and support to perform movements through full range of motion that could otherwise not be performed on land. BOOO GRAVITY!!

Part 2 consists of more advanced movements for those who have been active for some time and need to continue progressing. The session consists of more advanced balance training involving multiple muscle groups, cardiorespiratory training at a higher intensity, strength training using added resistance such as bands, weights and other fitness equipment. The session will end with stretches targeting the hips and lower extremities to increase overall range of motion.

There are only 8-10 people in the class so you can ensure your form will be corrected by a registered Kinesiologist . The classes are held on Tuesdays from 3:00 to 3:30 ( PART 1) and 3:30 to 4:00 (PART 2). There are options for drop in fees (includes access to the pool , hot tub and sauna as well as 5 , 10 and 20 class packages at discounted rates). We are hoping to expand and grow in the number of hydrotherapy classes we offer so stay tuned !

Please contact Antonia at or 1-778-822-8575

Pricing for classes:
Drop in : $15
5 class punch card: $65
10 class punch card: $120
20 class punch card : $220


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