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PRIME Physiotherapy & Performance has expanded its services to now include a Disability and Injury Management Division.

These services are available to provide referral sources with expert clinical opinions to medically managed files.

Our Disability Management team consists of healthcare professionals including Physicians, Physiotherapists and Kinesiologists. As a group, we work collaboratively to provide evidence based assessments and appropriate treatment programs, which are “actively” based and objectively supported. This reduces the incidence and cost related to work injuries, facilitates a successful return to work in a timely manner, and increases employee awareness on injury prevention.

Services now include Independent Medical Evaluations (IME’s), Functional Capacity Evaluations (FCE’s) and Functional Restoration Programs. Components of these services involve ergonomic and job site assessments and modifications, pre-employment screening, return to work programs, education on stretching and strengthening, as well as stress management techniques for daily functioning and increased quality of life.

  • Reduces injury and recurrent injury rates
  • Reduces absences from work due to injury
  • Increases productivity and job satisfaction
  • Educates employers/employees on safe work habits and potential hazards in the workplace
  • Decreases WorkSafe BC premiums for employers.

An IME is a complete medical exam performed by a physician to answer specific questions related to your injury. IME’s can be requested by Worksafe BC, ICBC and private insurance/disability companies. Questions might include:

  • Are further medical investigations needed to help confirm your diagnosis or treatment plan?
  • Is your injury temporary or permanent?
  • Will your injury permanently affect your ability to return to your employment?

The exam will include a medical history and physical examination by the physician. The physician will also review any previous medical information and reports that are available and order any tests that are needed. A complete medical report will be written and provided to the party that requested the IME.

What is an FCE?

An FCE is a standardized test used to help determine the consistency of effort and reliability of the client’s reported levels of pain and disability during an objective evaluation. The evaluation consists of clinical observation, a work simulation, and standardized and non-standardized evaluations to determine the individual’s capacity to perform any of the following:

  • Sitting, standing and walking endurance
  • Lifting, carrying, pushing and pulling capacity
  • Hand strength and agility
  • Reaching, handling and fine motor skills
  • Climbing and balancing
  • Working in various body postures (stooping, kneeling, crouching and bending)

What are the Benefits of an FCE?

  • Provides objective information for disability settlements
  • Recommends specific rehabilitation interventions to assist in recovery and return to work
  • Determines if an individual can meet the physical requirements of his/her job
  • Outlines safe parameters for re-entering the workforce
  • Minimizes the risk of re-injury by identifying work restrictions

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