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Independent Medical Examinations

PRIME Physiotherapy and Performance is proud to announce our New Medical Doctor.

MSK Physician

Treating Injuries related to Muscles, Tendons, Bones and Joints.

Independent Medical Examinations

Providing over 17 years of in-depth and Comprehensive

Medical Examinations

For personal injury claims and other musculoskeletal or orthopedic dysfunction.

For more Information or to Book your Client for an Independent Medical Examination:

Email: or call: 778.484.4314

PRIME Physiotherapy and Performance currently utilizes its space at #201 - 2755 Tutt St. to provide the ability for our MSK Physician to Perform Independent Medical Examinations to Patients involved in Work related injuries and Car accidents and more.


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Thank you for looking in to our Newest Medical Division of PRIME. Please contact us at any time regarding any questions you may have with our new Facility.

Brandt Fralick

PRIME Medical