Nitro Velocity

NITRO Velocity was designed and specifically created to enhance athletic performance; to teach athletes and teams how to unlock their true performance potential and achieve heights greater than they knew possible.

Enhancing explosive strength, power and speed, NITRO Velocity offers a wide variety of programs through our Athletic Performance Coach who works with all levels of athletes starting from developmental, to Provincial, National, International, Collegiate, Olympic and Professional levels of sport.

Driven By Intensity, these electrifying training sessions teach athletes how to achieve super maximal levels of speed and acceleration.

Over the past 10 years, NITRO Velocity has evolved in to an extreme performance company which not only increases the explosive acceleration, speed, power and strength of athletes but further cultivates a heightened mental capacity of performance. Teaching athletes how to reach their greatest depths, achieve their highest heights, and believe in their unlimited and infinite potential.

Believe, Become, Inspire...


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