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Sports Injuries

Primes' team of physiotherapists treat hundreds of sports injuries each year and provide a wide range of individualized sport rehabilitation programs, including:

As well as, the most current in injury management protocols and athletic taping. PRIME also carries a large assortment of athletic braces to keep you training longer and playing harder.



Our team of Physiotherapists will work closely with your doctor and surgeon to ensure the most effective and optimal patient care, both pre and post-surgery. Our team has built a tremendous reputation on:

  • Pre and Post-surgical Treatments -- Ensuring your body is in the best physical health possible going into your surgery; and allowing for the greatest outcome both during surgery and throughout the recovery period in both healing time and pain management.
  • Bracing-PRIME also offers the most advanced in both DonJoy and Bregg,pre and post-surgical boots, braces, cryo cuffs and more.

Our team is committed to helping our patients throughout this process and will order custom or specialty braces when needed.


Manual therapy

Primes' team of Physiotherapists are highly trained in both correcting and recovering muscular injuries. Our clinic is equipped with the most innovative and cutting edge in rehabilitation modalities and equipment to help our patients receive the most optimal in care and recover faster.


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