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Registered Physiotherapist
Certified in Acupuncture


Kailee is a graduate of the University of British Columbia. She grew up in North Vancouver and completed a Bachelor of Human Kinetics before graduating with a Master of Physical Therapy in 2012.

Kailee's love for physiotherapy began with a passion for sports and activity. Her clinical experience as a therapist combined with personal experience as an athlete has given her insight into the treatment and prevention of injuries. Kailee has experience treating a variety of injuries in all age groups. She is primarily interested in the treatment of orthopedic injuries and enjoys evaluating and assessing for compensation patterns in order to ensure a full recovery as well as prevention of future injuries or imbalances. Kailee also has experience helping individuals recover from orthopedic surgery and motor vehicle accidents. She is certified in acupuncture and has taken courses in neurokinetic therapy as well as several courses involving manual therapy in the assessment and treatment of injuries. Kailee believes in a holistic approach to treatment that will facilitate the achievement of personal goals, whether they be returning to athletics, work, or recreational activities.

Kailee grew up playing soccer, basketball, ringette and hockey. She continues to live an active lifestyle in the Okanagan and enjoys running, hiking and playing hockey and ultimate frisbee!

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Registered Physiotherapist
Clinical Leader Assessment Services


Riley graduated from the School of Physiotherapy in 2016 at the University of Central Lancashire, United Kingdom. His interest in physiotherapy developed during his childhood as he played many sports including a competitive career in junior hockey and a year playing college soccer in BC. Riley grew up in the small town of Nakusp, BC, where he cultivated a passion for hiking, biking, snowmobiling, and community sports such as soccer, baseball, basketball, and hockey. Throughout his youth, he also had the privilege of winning two provincial titles in hockey and one in soccer. In his spare time, he enjoys playing the guitar and shows a great passion for music.

His love for athletics and weightlifting motivates him to maintain a healthy lifestyle and guided him towards a treatment style that is sports focused and movement based. Before pursuing a career in Physiotherapy, Riley obtained his Electricians Journeyman Certification, which has given him a great understanding for treatment and injury prevention within the trade force.

Riley is involved with many amateur sports teams and athletes including:

  • KSS Junior Varsity and Varsity Football Team
  • Thompson Okanagan Football Club
  • Thompson Okanagan Rugby Association
  • Kelowna Minor Football Association
  • AAA/AAAA, KIJHL, BCHL and WHL Athletes

In addition to providing physiotherapy services at PRIME, Riley also works with the City of Kelowna as the Senior Clinic Leader in Assessment Services. These services help provide ergonomic evaluations, functional capacity evaluations, and provide guidance and education to all departments on injury prevention.

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Registered Physiotherapist


Gerome grew up in Prince Rupert, BC, where he developed a love for sport and an understanding of the importance of living an active lifestyle. He grew up playing hockey, soccer, volleyball, tae kwon do, boxing, and fishing, and has recently developed a love for skiing. His interest in sports and healthcare drew him to the physiotherapy profession. Gerome graduated from the University of British Columbia with a Masters of Physiotherapy following the completion of a Bachelor’s in animal biology at UBC. Prior to moving to Kelowna, Gerome was active in the sports community working with several different hockey and rugby teams.

In practice, Gerome utilizes an individualized approach to care for each patient including manual therapy, soft tissue techniques, therapeutic exercise, and patient education. He believes in treating the whole person to make you stronger than before your injury and adapting the treatments to fit your goals, lifestyle, and preventing re-injury. Gerome is passionate about continually expanding his knowledge base through post-graduate courses, continuing education, and mentorship. He has completed the Orthopaedic Division Level 1, the McKenzie Method: The Lumbar Spine, the Mulligan Concept: Lower Quadrant, First Responder for Sport, and is continually taking courses and engaging in mentorship to further expand his clinical skill set.

Outside of work, Gerome enjoys participating in a variety of sports and activities including hockey, skiing, climbing, volleyball, and ultimate frisbee.

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Phhysiotherapist MScPt, CAFCI


Megan and her family recently moved to Kelowna from Edmonton AB, and are excited to enjoy the outdoors and the sunshine. Megan graduated with her Masters in Physical Therapy from the University of Alberta in 2009. Since then she has completed advanced training in Spinal and Peripheral Manipulative Physiotherapy. She is also certified in Acupuncture, Dry Needling and Advanced Vestibular Rehabilitation. Megan uses an integrated approach with her treatment involving manual therapy, dry needling, and exercise in order to get her patients back to health as soon as possible.

Megan enjoys working with people of all ages, with her specialty being with neck and back injuries. She also loves working with pediatrics with a special interest in Developmental Coordination Disorder as her previous job experience involved working with preschool aged children. She also has years of experience working with a variety of sports related injuries and post surgical injuries. When she is not spending time with her family, she enjoys playing golf and softball with friends.

Phhysiotherapist MScPt


Desirae graduated with a Master of Science in Physical Therapy from the University of Alberta in 2015.She has also completed a Bachelor in Psychology from Thompson Rivers University. Desirae grew up in the small town of Nakusp, BC, where her passion for physiotherapy developed as a young athlete participating in many community sports. Throughout her youth, she had the opportunity to play hockey at the provincial and international level, allowing her to combine her love for sports and travel!

Desirae enjoys treating a variety of injuries, and working with clients of all ages; from the competitive athlete to the weekend warrior. In addition to assessing and treating orthopedic injuries, she is also familiar with orthopedic post-surgical rehabilitation, having worked directly with orthopedic surgeons during her time in Calgary. She believes in utilizing a holistic approach to physiotherapy, to assist in achieving your individual goals and prevent future injury. Desirae is always pursuing further knowledge and education, through post-graduate courses. She has successfully completed numerous levels of training in manual therapy with the Canadian Orthopaedic Division of Physical Therapy. She is also certified in Functional Dry Needling (FDN), and has completed training in K-Taping, Neurokinetic Therapy, and Mulligan Concept technique.

When Desirae isn’t at the clinic, she enjoys being outdoors and spending time with friends and family. In her spare time, you can find her at the gym, playing hockey, golfing, or hiking.

Phhysiotherapist MPT, BScBioChem


Aaron was born and raised in Carbonear, Newfoundland before attending Memorial University of Newfoundland where he did a Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry (Nutrition). He then went on to do a Masters in Physiotherapy at Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Thereafter he worked at a sports physiotherapy clinic in Prince Edward Island, before making the move to PRIME in September, 2019.

Aaron grew up playing basketball, volleyball, soccer, karate, skiing, swimming, and playing guitar and piano. He likes to live and promote a healthy lifestyle through fitness, activity and a balanced diet - everything in moderation ;). He centres his treatments around each individual patient, drawing from his past experiences to help best direct patient care. He bases his treatments on a combination of manual therapy, soft tissue techniques, movement strategies, and therapeutic exercise. Aaron also believes that patient education is key to understanding conditions, prevention of future injuries, and successful aging!

Aaron also has a passion for learning, and has taken post graduate courses in orthopedics, movement system impairments, and Dry Needling.

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Physiotherapist/Operations MPT, BScKin


Tamara is a graduate of the University of Saskatchewan’s Masters of Physical Therapy program, where she also obtained her Bachelor of Science Kinesiology degree focusing on Exercise and Sport Studies. She loves learning about the human body and continues to be fascinated by what can be accomplished with the right training regimen, education, mindset, and support team, including coaches, physiotherapists, kinesiologists, massage therapists, general practitioners, and more. She is excited to apply her skills to help people achieve their own personal goals, therapeutic and/or otherwise, whether that person is your standard weekend warrior, dedicated athlete, or average joe recovering from a tumble.

You can find her at PRIME helping out in anyway that’s needed. Don’t be afraid to stop her when you catch her zooming around- she’ll never say no to a coffee.


Kinesiologist - Bachelor of Kinesiology
Functional Capacity Evaluator
NKT Level 1


Jessica was born and raised from Williams Lake BC. During her high school career, she excelled in rugby and was selected to represent Williams Lake on Team BC U-17 all star team. She was recognized by Douglas College for her athletics and was awarded a bursary to further her career with their club team while attending the college. Before beginning her career at Douglas, Jessica moved to Germany where she became fluent in German and travelled before starting post secondary school.

Jessica graduated from Douglas College in 2013 with her Bachelor degree in kinesiology where Jessica also minored in Biology. Her passion has always been directed towards athletics and rehabilitation. She has done work with Sport Med BC, completing their athletic taping course. After graduating from Douglas, Jessica has gone on to write her Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist exam in 2014 where she received top marks, and 1 of 12 to write the exam in BC that year.

Jessica loves doing anything active and outdoors. She especially loves running, doing anything with her family and has a passion for cooking, understanding nutrients for a strong body. She believes in pushing her personal limits with weight lifting too! You will most likely see Jessica with a smile on her face and eager to help anyone around her the best she can!

Since starting day 1 at PRIME, Jessica has further upgraded her studies and has been certified in level 1 Neuro-Kinetic Therapy training. She has found a real passion for neuromuscular patterns of the body involving movement which connects the dots in her current area of Kinesiology and biomechanics that she applies working with the Physiotherapists of PRIME on a daily basis.

Jessica is a fully certified Functional Capacity Examiner and has been working closely with her peers in launching the newest division of PRIME Physiotherapy’s Disability Management. The additional courses that Jessica has taken allow her to be versatile in the people she is working with through active rehabilitation and education.

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Functional Capacity Evaluator


Antonia grew up in Vancouver and attended the University of British Columbia for her bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology with a minor in Psychology. Throughout university, Antonia worked as a trainer and as a health educator to young students to promote healthy eating and fitness. After graduating university, Antonia moved to Kelowna to pursue a career in Kinesiology and enjoy the great outdoors the Okanagan has to offer.

As a Kinesiologist, Antonia developed a niche for hydrotherapy and has developed a transitional program from water-based exercises to land based exercises to facilitate a wide range of clients in reaching their optimal level of performance. The program has been extremely beneficial in helping individuals recover from a wide range of injuries from sports, motor vehicle accidents, work related and post surgical.

Antonia continues to further enhance her education so that she can offer the best treatment possible. She recently completed her Kinesio Taping course allowing her to use various taping techniques, helping treat injuries and assist athletic performance. If you require more support, Antonia is also trained in booting and brace fitting. Antonia has also completed her Functional Capacity Examiner (FCE) training within our Disability Management division allowing her to conduct FCE's and job specific ergonomic assessments.

When Antonia is not in the pool or at the gym, you can find her enjoying the outdoors. She enjoys snowboarding, hiking, kiteboarding, mountain biking and surfing.

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Strength and Conditioning Coach/Kinesiologist
Functional Capacity Evaluator


Luke doubles as a strength and conditioning coach and kinesiologist. He is experienced in designing and implementing successful functional strength training and rehab programs for a wide variety of individuals, both athletes and non-athletes.

As a kinesiologist his focus is active rehabilitation, helping bridge the gap between injury and healthy functioning, and has plenty of experience with ICBC and WSBC cases. On the flip side, Luke spends a lot of his time doing private training as a strength and conditioning coach, whether it be working with youth athletes through to masters, or individuals looking to gain an inside edge on their health goals. No matter what stage of your fitness journey, Luke is driven to make strength and conditioning accessible and fun for all participants. He also provides small group training, which is great for friends, coworkers, or teammates interested in quality coaching at a lower individual cost. On field strength and conditioning sessions for teams of various sports (i.e. soccer, football, baseball, hockey, etc.) can also be arranged.

About Luke:

Born and raised in the Kootenays, where he spent the majority of his time during winters playing hockey, Luke left to attend the University of British Columbia-Okanagan to receive a bachelor’s degree in Human Kinetics. After spending several years in Vancouver gaining world class experience at Twist Conditioning (founded by Peter Twist, former Vancouver Canucks S&C coach for 11 seasons), he has brought his craft back to Kelowna.

Luke’s passion for training stems from growing up playing sports such as hockey, soccer and baseball. Knowing he was never the most talented athlete on the team, he soon looked to training in the gym to excel his game. As he became more educated, Luke began understanding how flaws in his own training as a teenager may have hindered him from tapping into his full potential. These experiences are now what drive him as a coach to instill proper athletic development for the appropriate population.

Aside from various sports and weightlifting, Luke loves remaining active while enjoying the outdoors. Free time spent hiking, camping or fishing are ideal. He also volunteers as an athletic trainer for KSS football and plays a similar role for hockey and rugby teams. As well, family, live music and travel all rank high on his priority list.

Services offered:

  • Private 1 on 1 training/kinesiology
  • Partner/small group/team training

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Support Staff:

PRIME Support Staff


Marita has been involved in the health and fitness industry for over 17 years (her background is home economics). She started as an administrative assistant at a fitness club in Yellowknife and was later the office manager at a local fitness franchise in Saskatoon. Working in the fitness industry got her involved in running programs, and in 2006 she started the journey to become a yoga teacher and continues to stay on this journey.

After moving to Kelowna in 2014, she was introduced to Brandt Fralick through a mutual friend and was motivated by his energy and vision to join his team. She has been with PRIME Physiotherapy and Performance since February of 2015.

She loves working with the team at PRIME and helping people. She truly enjoys learning all new aspects of working at the clinic. Interacting with the clientele on a daily basis keeps her motivated to continue with this rewarding work.

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Clinical Coordinator


Tyler obtained a bachelor’s degree in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, graduating from the University of Northern British Columbia (UNBC) located in Prince George, B.C. Tyler is currently in the process of applying to become a Physiotherapist. While he awaits the results of his application statuses, Tyler is also studying to obtain his Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialization (CSCS), in order to further improve his repertoire of knowledge he is able to offer patients. Tyler is a former Football, and Basketball player. It is his love for sports, and his painful recovery from a devastating career ending injury, that fuels his desire to become a Physiotherapist.

If you have any free-time before your appointment and are interested in how mitogens stimulate G1- Cdk and G1/S-Cdk activities (via the GTPase Ras, and the MAP kinase enzymatic cascade), or if you’d just like to talk about the incredible Seahawks-Patriots re-match that occurred the night prior, Tyler is more than happy to answer all of your questions. He is constantly learning, and hopes that when all is said and done, he can return to PRIME and begin his physiotherapy career here.

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Therapy Assistant


Maria graduated with a Human Kinetics degree from The University of British Columbia in 2016. Her interest in rehabilitation developed while playing soccer and volleyball throughout high school and competing in powerlifting during University and College. After graduating from UBCO she went on to teach group fitness classes and personal train before enrolling in the Therapist Assistant program at Okanagan College. During the Therapist Assistant program, she had the opportunity to work with a variety of clients ranging in age and abilities. Maria’s passion for learning and rehabilitation continues to grow at PRIME.

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Prime Financials


Deidre and her husband moved to Kelowna in 1999 from Chilliwack with their two young sons and immediately fell in love with the Okanagan. She has worked in the accounting field for over fifteen years and has helped Brandt with his business since his early years as a trainer at the CNC. As Prime Physiotherapy and Performance grew so has her involvement with the company and her passion for its success. Deidre can often be seen in the clinic or the gym but spends most of her time in the background.

Deidre currently lives on an acreage in Coldstream where she enjoys the beautiful Okanagan outdoors. She spends any spare time in the mountains either hiking with her two dogs or riding one of her horses. She also enjoys kayaking, gardening and yoga as well as a family passion for football.

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Therapy Assistant


Andy was born in raised in Grande Prairie, AB. After breaking both her arms (at the same time) learning to ride horses for her brownie badge, her parents enrolled her in the local swim team to help with rehabilitation. This is where she discovered her love of competition and passion for sport. Andy continued in the competitive swimming world for many years ranking top 3 in Canada for most of her career and attended the 2000 Olympic trails.

Andy went on to become an oilfield medic and then worked many years as a pharmacy technician. In 2010 she took off to San Diego for 3 months to attend Bikram Yoga teacher training. After returning to Canada, Andy taught yoga full time for a couple years before returning to the pharmacy world, however she still continues to teach yoga.

In October 2014, Andy was run over by a 5 tonne water truck while biking home from yoga. She suffered a multitude of injuries and is lucky to be alive. Her rehab experience was long and intense but she is a fierce and determined individual who broke through expectations in her recovery. This experience inspired Andy to take the 2 year Therapist Assistant program and Okanagan College. She graduated with distinction second in her class and has been part of the PRIME team since.

Andy loves adventuring and is passionate about yoga and her dog Bug. She always has some dad jokes in her pocket and is always down for conversation and coffee. You mill most likely find Andy around the clinic with her colorful shoes, arms and outgoing personality.

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